Instructions for United States Coast Guard Stations, 1921 United States Coast Guard

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Published: September 27th 2015


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Instructions for United States Coast Guard Stations, 1921  by  United States Coast Guard

Instructions for United States Coast Guard Stations, 1921 by United States Coast Guard
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Excerpt from Instructions for United States Coast Guard Stations, 19211. The Instructions for Coast Guard Stations shall have the force and effect of regulations.2. In these Instructions the term out of commission shall mean the period duringMoreExcerpt from Instructions for United States Coast Guard Stations, 19211. The Instructions for Coast Guard Stations shall have the force and effect of regulations.2. In these Instructions the term out of commission shall mean the period during which a majority of the station crew by order of Headquarters is discharged or granted leave of absence without pay.

At all other times a station shall be considered as in commission.3. The officer in charge of a Coast Guard station shall be responsible for the proficiency of the crew in their various duties.4. He shall keep on hand sufficient quantities of gasoline and lubricating oils for the station power boats in order that they may be ready at all times for instant and prolonged service. No excuse for a failure to have power boats available owing to the lack of these essentials will be accepted.

He is enjoined to use economy in the expenditure of gasoline, but no restriction is placed upon such expenditure if the interests of the public service would suffer thereby.5. He shall report in writing to Headquarters any serious accident to the station buildings, equipment, station boats, and motors, or any explosion of gasoline about the station premises or in any power boat, whether or not the same results in injury to any person, either connected with the Coast Guard or outside of it, or in damage to any boat or other property, private or public, setting forth the facts in detail, and shall make an entry of all such matters in the log.6.

Should additional assistance become imperatively necessary on occasion of a wreck when the station is in commission, he is authorized to employ such additional number of competent men as are absolutely needed, who will be entitled to receive such compensation as their services are reasonably worth, the period and value of their services to be stated and certified to by the officer in charge.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books.

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